Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps South West

GHS VSD+ Oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps with variable speed drive technology: compact, complete and highly efficient solution for any manufacturing process. It introduces a new standard in energy efficiency and installation costs for vacuum technology.

We support sizes from GHS 350m3/h up to 1900 m3/h, optimised for a pressure range between 400 and 20 mbar(a). The VSD technology allows for up to 50% energy savings compared to alternative technologies. Our wide range of vacuum pumps also include our GV models of air cooled compact mono-block oil sealed rotary vane units.

Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps South West

Industrial Air Power South West have trained Engineers available, to offer advice and Engineering expertise throughout the entire territory, along with a team of experienced service engineers.

  • Vacuum cup, holder and compensators
  • Vacuum instrumentation, switches and sensors
  • Vacuum pumps and pump sets
  • Vacuum generators multi-stage & single stage venture
  • Vacuum lifting
  • Vacuum regulation and valves
  • Systems design
  • Service and installation

We also supply service and spare parts for Reitschle, Becker and Busch vacuum pumps.

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