Site Services Large bore pipe installation for compressed air, water and steam.

In addition to supplying our customers in Devon,Cornwall and South Wales with conventional compressed air line systems, we also design, supply and install large diameter heavy gauge pipe lines for both water and steam.

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Site Services South Wales/South West Site Services South Wales/South West Site Services South Wales/South West


Our specialist team of engineers are completely familiar with the techniques necessary to remove and exchange pre-existing large gauge pipework and supplementary apparatus from subways, tubes, tunnels and structures where there is restricted accessibility and space. The removal of obsolete pipework is normally completed as a part of each general contract.

Coded welders produce welded pipework systems which are individually certified and a complete provenance of all components is provided. NDT reports, radiography,if required, and hydrostatic test certificates are produced to meet each customer’s specific criteria. Our team of qualified technicians are thoroughly versed with operating with a wide array of pipeline materials, such as ductile steel, welded carbon steel, plastics,bonded and fusion-welded pipe. We are entirely responsible for every single stage of the process and normally totally accountable to any appointed Civil and Electrical Engineering contractors. We therefore have the in-house capability to provide single source responsibility for all pipeline installation contracts.

Our team of engineers is based in Plymouth and operate throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and SouthWales.

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