Service, Repair and Maintenance Over 25 years experience.

Industrial Air Power South West

We are the main Atlas Copco Compressor Distributor for the South West of England, ewith more than 25 years selling, servicing, repairing and maintaining compressed air equipment, throughout Wales and the South West of England, Industrial Air Power can provide a comprehensive 24/7 service for all of your compressed air plant and equipment. At each depot we carry a stock of consumable spare parts,coolant and major repair parts which enables us to carry out routine servicing, maintenance and emergency breakdowns for most makes of compressor, including Atlas Copco, HPC, Hydrovane, Ingersoll Rand, Compair and Boge.

Our factory trained team of service engineers can provide the following services to assist maintain your compressed air system:

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Preventative Maintenance or Total Responsibility contracts, specifically tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring your system operates at its peak performance.

We are also able to provide customers with an annual service contract which ensures optimum performance of all of your compressed air plant at all times, greatly reducing the risk of expensive plant closure, downtime and potential loss of production.

Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring

Investment in the latest monitoring equipment allows us to offer a complete system analysis from Air Quality tests, Breathing Air Tests, Coolant Sampling, Vibration analysis and Shock pulse monitoring.

Industrial Air Power South West

Airend Overhauls

Rebuild or reconditioned service available. Using shock pulse monitoring tool and coolant sampling, we can identify potential problems before any occur. Planned airend reworking eliminates unscheduled breakdowns reducing the possibility of incurring expesive repairs.

Motor Rework

As part of the compressor drivetrain we offer a complete range of motor rebuilds and rewind services.

Food Grade Conversions

Industrial Air Power South West

With new regulations regarding the use of compressed air within a food production facility, we can offer a full survey and advice on meeting these standards. We can offer advice on the selection of new equipment and also the upgrading of existing equipment including a conversion to run on food grade coolant.

Leak Management

A full distribution analysis identifying and tagging leaks. Reduction of leaks reduces unnecessary compressor loading and will improve system and compressor performance AND EFFICIENCY. We focus on the complete system not just the plant room performance.

Technical Support

Our Service Department manager whos is well qualified and very experienced, is able to discuss any technical problem or provide advice regarding compressor performance, repair or maintenance for all manufacturer's compressors. As a ‘competent person’ concerning pressure systems, He is able to provide technical advice on the latest pressure systems regulations and WSE (Written Scheme of Examination).

Service 24/7 – Your production is important. Industrial Air Power engineers are available around the clock ensuring the quickest response to any unexpected breakdowns.


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