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Compressed Air Design and Installation

Atlas Copco‘s innovative AIRnet™ compressed air piping system, supported by a 10 year guarantee, delivers compressed air exactly where you need it, at the right pressure and at the lowest possible installed cost. Lightweight, corrosion free aluminium pipes and self-aligning polymer fittings make AIRnet™ simpler and quicker to install than traditional steel pipework.

The innovative modular aluminium pipe work system, optimises production requirements, whilst maximising energy and minimising total cost of ownership.

The system is designed with leak proof connections, the system is corrosion free and offers minimal frictional losses, maximising airflow.

Compressed Air Design and Installation

A pressure drop of 1 bar can equate to a 7% increase in compressed air generation cost, sizing a pipe work system and minimising leaks is an important factor when considering the selection and design process.

The Airnet system can be easily installed alongside any existing pipe work system and can be easily adapted to meet any changes in future production requirements, offering a complete range of interchangeable and reusable fittings, the system is simple and cost effective to install.

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