Atlas Copco Piston, Booster & Scroll Compressors

LE/LT /LF/LZ/LB Piston Compressors and Boosters

Atlas Copco B13-62-2175

Because of their basic design, limited number of working parts and straightforward working principle, piston compressors are versatile, efficient, suitable for harsh conditions and simple to maintain. Atlas Copco’s oil-injected LE/LT series has a maximum working pressure up to 30 bar. The LFx, LF and LZ ranges are quiet, small capacity compressors providing 100% oil-free operation. LB piston boosters are available for outlet pressures up to 300 bar.


SF and SF+ Scroll Compressors

Atlas Copco SFR11

The SF and SF+ range of scroll air compressors are reliable, energy efficient and guarantee the delivery of 100% oil-free compressed air, certified to ISO 8573-1 Class 0 standard. Super quiet from 53 dB(A), and compact, they can be installed within any working environment and are ideal for dental and research laboratories. SF+ units incorporate the Elektronikon controller which provides enhanced monitoring features and easy control of multiple compressor installations.


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