Atlas Copco Inverters And Controllers

Retrofitted Compressor Inverters

Atlas Copco GA55VSD

In order to greatly reduce unnecessary offloading, it is possible to retrofit an inverter to an existing air compressor which effectively increases the operational life of a compressor whilst simultaneously reducing energy costs.

Intelligent Controllers

Each controller is individually designed and engineered for single and multiple compressor applications to achieve optimum pressure regulation and control for maximum efficiency.

System controls

Atlas Copco Central Controllers

Air Power South West designs and builds individual bespoke compressed air and vacuum systems for all industrial users of compressed air plant and equipment. Each system is purpose built to suit each customers’ specific operating and production criteria. Each system is unique and incorporates hardware and software products supplied by CMC NV, a leading global supplier of compressed air and vacuum control systems.

Customer Turnkey Projects

Air Power South West has the technical expertise and experience to provide a complete turnkey solution for most customers rigorous and demanding industrial compressed air requirements. From a single compressor control system to a complex multiple control and monitoring system, IAP has the capability to supply a sophisticated yet simple solution for most industrial compressed air users.

Variable speed drive units

Atlas Copco Energy Savings

In order to improve the efficiency of a customer’s existing compressed air system, a variable speed drive, professionally designed and installed can greatly improve the operating efficiency of most compressor and vacuum installations. IAP have the capability to expertly convert and adapt fixed speed air compressor or vacuum generation systems to a variable speed drive to enhance system control and improve operating efficiency.

Specialist Applications

Our in-house engineering expertise enables IAP to provide customers with a custom designed electro-mechanical solution to the most complex and demanding production problems.

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